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What the LinkedIn Redesign means for Advertisers

LinkedIn’s new redesign draws a lot from Facebook, and that’s a good thing for the most part. For those who seek to improve their abilities and their career, LinkedIn’s new goal is to “ensure you can seamlessly access the most relevant professional conversations, content and opportunities”.

What was once an HR platform is now firmly focused on becoming our professional social network, and as they grow, I imagine we’ll see a pickup in people browsing the feed for updates and content, and more people that glance at advertisers’ sponsored updates.

So what does that mean if you’re an advertiser? Take a look at four key points below.

Targeting of niches will become more viable.

The increased feed traffic will mean an increased number of ads displayed to users and this presents new opportunities for targeted advertising. While in the past there may not have been enough users to specifically target a niche like growth marketers who work at small healthcare businesses in Ithaca, it is a good time to retry these types of campaigns and see if you get a decent number of views and clicks.

LinkedIn users are going to start unfollowing.

As the feed becomes more important for professional content, people are going to check in more often and be more serious about seeing the posts they want. That means you can expect that people will start unfollowing more and more accounts. That means your ads and your content actually need to be useful to the users you’re targeting.

Your ad will need to be engaging.

To make your ad engaging, try asking a great question and use services like Pablo to create an image that gets to the point. LinkedIn’s “Sponsored” text is small and in grey, which gives advertisers a chance to make something truly relevant and connect with people in a way that doesn’t feel interruptive. This is a double edged sword. If your ad has nothing to do with their feed, you’re getting unfollowed.

Dynamic Social Ads may become an opportunity.

LinkedIn has placed the Dynamic Social Ads in a prominent position in the right bar of the new redesign, and since the ads are combined with the user’s own profile photo, these ads have a good chance of being seen, if not clicked. They can probably do a great job for brand awareness campaigns, and with the right offer and targeting you may be able to generate click-through.

In addition, I believe LinkedIn may iterate on these ads and this space. It could be a great space for offers for personal consultation, or a first-touch point to talk with a chat bot. They already allow you to join LinkedIn groups directly from the ad.

The new redesign has been applauded pretty much across the board, and I’m sure they will keep iterating to help become the main professional content network on the web. I’ve listed just a few of the may new opportunities arising from LinkedIn’s new redesign, so get in there and find your own insights to get that edge and reach your customers.

4 Ways to Use Video for B2B Marketing

In B2B, too many businesses target the decision maker with a glorified cold call and spend more time talking than listening. But SiriusDecisions has shown that 67 percent of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally — the implication being that customers are researching your business before they engage with sales at all.

So how do you attract your customers? Do the research, understand your target audience and try to solve their problems. This is where longform content does a great job. Guides and e-books that contain original research and data have been proven to be effective.

Beyond longform written content, today’s opportunity is long form educational video. A video is a great “lean back” way to connect with our desired information. According to Hubspot, 75% of business executives watch a work-related video at least weekly. Imagine a prospective client watching a video of yours while they eat their lunch at their desk.

We’ve put together a few ways to use video to connect with potential B2B customers below.

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Just Try It. Run a LinkedIn B2B Campaign in 10 Steps.

It can seem daunting to start advertising on LinkedIn. Our clients are sometimes unsure about its potential, and we’ve found the easiest way to prove it works is to run a quick test campaign.

But don’t take our word for it, just take a look at some of these examples.

  • LinkedIn more than tripled Facebook and Twitter in visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74% to Twitter’s 0.69% and Facebook’s 0.77%.
  • In one of our major B2B campaigns, we found LinkedIn attracted 50% of all leads and 80% of our Enterprise level leads for a SaaS business.
  • Social media B2B management company Oktopost’s gets 80% of their social leads from LinkedIn.

But while these numbers might be impressive, they are just numbers, after all. The best way to prove that LinkedIn B2B advertising is worth it is to just try it for yourself. So read on as we’ve distilled it down to 10 steps to launching your first B2B LinkedIn campaign.

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How B2B Businesses Should Analyze their LinkedIn Campaigns

Running a LinkedIn campaign isn’t hard – using the self-serve option you can get up and running in just 10 steps. Once your campaigns are launched, you need to assess what’s working and what isn’t so you can double down on the winners and cut the rest.

We take an in-depth look at how to read your Linkedin dashboard and how to gauge your B2B LinkedIn campaigns below.
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How to Improve your Targeting using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

One of the most important elements of running LinkedIn ads is targeting the right audience. It’s one of the key differentiators for social media advertising in general. So based on our experience running B2B ads, we’ve put together a few key tips for better targeting your audience on LinkedIn.

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8 Tips for Improving Your B2B Social Ads

Social media advertising spend is increasing fast. It’s expected to triple in the next 5 years in the US according to a Forrester Research report, from $10.2 B to $30.1B.

The market is growing increasingly crowded, but the opportunity is growing as well. How do you get your campaigns to stand out? You may be running your ads against thousands of social media advertising professionals, so average copy and creative just won’t get the clicks you need.

You’ll need to dig in and improve every day. It’s about smart iteration and it’s not as hard as you think. Read our tips below.

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How to Improve your B2B LinkedIn Ads

There’s a quickly evaporating idea that there’s no B2B opportunities on social. Actually, that belief is an opportunity for those of us who dive in first to find our audience. So can your business capitalize on social ads to attract new clients to your B2B business? Absolutely. We suggest LinkedIn.

So you convince your manager and go ahead and run a self-serve LinkedIn Sponsored Update campaign.

But the numbers just aren’t where they need to be. We’ve got a few tips to remember to get those first campaigns off on the right foot.

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Why Periscope is So Engaging

I’m following a Japanese couple down the streets of Tokyo. The man has a bandaged thumb. “What’s wrong with your thumb?” I type. “Ahh, this? No, it’s no big deal, just a cut,” he answers in broken English, then hides his thumb with a sheepish smile. I just embarassed a guy in Tokyo, I think. I wish him well and jump over to a jogger along the Pacific coast, then off to Silicon Valley to a Twitter office party.

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