Just Try It. Run a LinkedIn B2B Campaign in 10 Steps.

It can seem daunting to start advertising on LinkedIn. Our clients are sometimes unsure about its potential, and we’ve found the easiest way to prove it works is to run a quick test campaign.

But don’t take our word for it, just take a look at some of these examples.

  • LinkedIn more than tripled Facebook and Twitter in visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74% to Twitter’s 0.69% and Facebook’s 0.77%.
  • In one of our major B2B campaigns, we found LinkedIn attracted 50% of all leads and 80% of our Enterprise level leads for a SaaS business.
  • Social media B2B management company Oktopost’s gets 80% of their social leads from LinkedIn.

But while these numbers might be impressive, they are just numbers, after all. The best way to prove that LinkedIn B2B advertising is worth it is to just try it for yourself. So read on as we’ve distilled it down to 10 steps to launching your first B2B LinkedIn campaign.

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8 Tips for Improving Your B2B Social Ads

Social media advertising spend is increasing fast. It’s expected to triple in the next 5 years in the US according to a Forrester Research report, from $10.2 B to $30.1B.

The market is growing increasingly crowded, but the opportunity is growing as well. How do you get your campaigns to stand out? You may be running your ads against thousands of social media advertising professionals, so average copy and creative just won’t get the clicks you need.

You’ll need to dig in and improve every day. It’s about smart iteration and it’s not as hard as you think. Read our tips below.

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