Insightful created and distributed over a hundred pieces of content for LeadSift. This helped position them as an industry expert, showcase their customer success stories and announce upcoming products and features.

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Results at a Glance

LeadSift, a leading provider of social intelligence and intent-fueled lead generation, worked with Insightful to create and deliver a content strategy aimed at improving brand recognition and expertise.

From blog posts to ebooks to social media content, Insightful prepared a variety of content to help the marketing mix. The content has been shared by thousands of targeted and influential users on social media, and has been used to generate new business.


blog posts created


% growth in highly targeted Twitter followers


 case studies used to generate new business 

Challenge: Use Content to Attract Leads

LeadSift was helping brands and agencies uncover new leads, and turned to Insightful to help them use content to do the same for their own business. In order to penetrate the saturated sales and lead generation market, the company needed to showcase their expertise through content. This meant producing and sharing short-form pieces like blog and social media posts, and periodically creating long-form content like ebooks.

Approach: A Comprehensive Content Strategy

We first worked to understand their goals for content marketing. This required a deep understanding of their product, audience, and what type of content would best satisfy their audience’s needs. We determined that the main goal of the content was to showcase LeadSift’s expertise in lead generation, and their unique method of qualifying leads for their customers using intent signals.

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In collaboration with the LeadSift team, we implemented a content calendar to organize and prioritize topics for blog posts and other content. Using ideas generated by the team as well as our own research, we developed hundreds of content pieces over the course of several years, ensuring that each piece was of the highest quality and provided value to their audience.

One particular piece of content, a list-style blog post, was shared by hundreds of influencers in the sales and marketing space, earning LeadSift significant brand recognition among their target audience.

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In addition to blog posts, we produced four case studies. These case studies highlight the great work they have done for their clients, and are used to show prospects how LeadSift can help them in their own lead generation efforts. Other content we produced or optimized for LeadSift includes sell sheets, ebooks, website pages, press releases and guest posts.

During our time as content creators for LeadSift, we also managed the Twitter account, growing the number of highly targeted sales and marketing followers by 36 percent over the course of a year.

Results: Expert Content Attracts Leads

LeadSift now has a vibrant and active blog that showcases their expertise in lead generation. Fresh content is published on a weekly basis, which is used to keep their customers and prospects continually engaged with their brand. The case studies, ebooks and other content are used to move prospects closer to making a purchase decision. With such a large catalogue of quality content, they also have the opportunity to repurpose and reposition older content to continue to offer value to their audience.

Their Twitter account is now connected to hundreds of highly influential professionals in sales and marketing. These accounts often share and comment on LeadSift content, and help to increase reach and exposure among their target audience.

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October 2016

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