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Insightful helped InteraXon win the Silver Prize at the UX Awards by producing a submission video that highlighted Muse's user experience design process.

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Results at a Glance

InteraXon, creators of the Muse, the brain-sensing headband, worked with Insightful to produce a video highlighting the User Experience design process for creating the Muse. Working closely with the UX team, we developed a compelling script and used visuals to delineate a complex process. The video and accompanying case study won the UX Awards Silver Prize.

Silver Prize for Best Next Generation User Interface

Silver Prize for Best Next Generation User Interface

Challenge: UX Awards Submission Video

InteraXon had recently launched the Muse, a brain sensing headband, along with its companion smartphone application, Calm. It was developed using an iterative user experience design process which involved 134 participants engaging in 62 product iterations over 21 user study sessions.

They were now looking to apply for the UX Awards, an organization celebrating great user experiences and UX design processes. InteraXon wanted a video that could clearly explain the challenges they faced in creating an intuitive interface for an entirely new category of device. They also wanted to tell the story of the long road from a simple prototype to a consumer-ready device.

Approach: Fast Iterations on the Script and Video

We first talked with the UX team to understand what vision they had for the video. They had a clear idea of the story they wanted to tell, and we began working on iterations of the script. There was a lot of back and forth, but eventually we got to the heart of the human-centered design approach, which was to separate their journey into three sections.

  1. Help people understand the technology
  2. Teach people to fit their headband and get good signals
  3. Create a rewarding and engaging user experience

We continued our collaboration with the InteraXon team to refine the script, aiming to make the language clear and accessible. Each subsequent iteration focused more on details and examples, and the final revision would be easily understandable by someone new to the technology.

Time was of the essence as the deadline was close at hand, so we created a storyboard video. We worked with a temporary voice artist and put together the storyboard video set to music, which aligned the vocals with suggested shots, using images in place of video.

By sending the storyboard video after just a week, we gave the marketing team extra time to review the video’s direction and allowed them to make major notes before a final cut was assembled.

Fortunately, we were in alignment over the feel of the video (particularly because we had already worked through any issues on the script). We made the minor alterations and moved ahead with animations, a final voice over, final music and produced the final video in two weeks. Check it out below.

Results: UX Awards Silver Prize Winner

InteraXon won the Silver Prize for Best Next Generation User Interface at the 2014 UXies. At the ceremony in San Francisco, judges called the project one of the best applications of iterative Lean UX they had ever seen.

Silver Prize for Best Next Generation User Interface

Silver Prize for Best Next Generation User Interface

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Date posted:
September 2014


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