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Insightful produced staff expert interview videos for InteraXon to help them train and engage new and potential users of the Muse brain sensing headband.

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Results at a Glance

InteraXon, creators of the Muse, the brain-sensing headband, worked with Insightful to create a series of short educational videos with experts from their team. The topics included how Muse can help with exercise, how to calm the mind from endless thinking and the evolution of brain-sensing technology. The short videos were shared on YouTube and are useful guides for new users of the Muse.

Challenge: Share Product Insights with Customers

InteraXon wanted to create educational videos that could help users get more information about their Muse, as well as InteraXon as a company, as part of an initiative to build a community around their flagship product. They also wanted to share their knowledgeable, enthusiastic culture. To achieve these goals, they decided to set up interview videos with the various experts on their team.

Approach: Produce Expert Videos

InteraXon was clear on their goals, the audience and distribution plan for the videos. They wanted new and potential users to connect with the videos on their social media channels, most importantly YouTube. They also had a long-term view to share these videos in future campaigns, email newsletters, outreach and while onboarding new users. The videos were to be short and easy to digest, so that viewers could quickly and easily access the information they needed.

The main challenge in the early stage of this project was determining the focus of the videos.

We worked with the executive team to specify a few topic areas that would resonate with both their team and new Muse owners: onboarding, technology and best practices.

We set up pre-interviews with several participants to ensure we were asking the right questions to the right people and refined the direction we would take for our answers. That way we were able to focus our interviews on the shoot day, which would save everybody time.

We planned the shoot day at the office, and used their beautiful brick meeting room to capture the open natural lighting of their office. We packed in nine separate interview shoots, and despite the tight schedule, we completed all of our shooting on budget and on time.

For post-production, we sent previews of the titles we were planning to use for InteraXon to approve, then cut each interview from their twenty minutes down to three minute. You can check out one of the completed videos, a tutorial on fitting the Muse with CEO Ariel Garten, below.

Results: An 8 Video Series that Educates and Inspires

The videos were published to YouTube and were well received by the team. They helped show the faces behind the InteraXon team, highlight the office environment and demonstrate the passion that is put into the Muse.
Check out the entire series of videos below.

Date Posted:
December 2015


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