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InteraXon wanted to create compelling videos that highlighted the way medal-winning athletes use the Muse.

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Results at a Glance

InteraXon, creators of the Muse, the brain-sensing headband, worked with Insightful to create a series of testimonial videos to prove how the Muse helps elite athletes steady their mind. Insightful produced the series of short videos and interspersed them with clips and photos from the athletes’ performances. By working with InteraXon to determine the intended semi-professional and professional athlete audience of the videos, we focused the questions to highlight the fact that these athletes used their Muse headband and the accompanying “Calm” app right before world championship performances. The videos were used in marketing campaigns and are compelling evergreen pieces for future campaigns targeting athletes.

Challenge: Produce Testimonial Videos with Pro Athletes

InteraXon wanted to tell the stories of notable professional athletes that were using the Muse brain-sensing headbands to enhance their performance. Specifically, they sought testimonial videos from two medal-winning figure skaters athletes as well as a demonstration from a PGA golfer. The medal-winning athletes were Javier Fernandez, gold medal winner at the 2014 World Figure Skating Championships, and up-and-coming Nam Nguyen, the 2015 Canadian National champion. The third athlete was Andrew Parr, a PGA tour golfer who was using the Muse to help himself and his students focus their game.

Approach: Produce Long and Short Cuts for Social Sharing

The first step was working with InteraXon to understand the target audience and goal of the videos. The videos were meant for YouTube, and were to be targeted and distributed to aspiring athletes as well as professional athletes using various campaigns, showcasing how the Muse can help them improve their athletic performance. We crafted the questions and script to show that the challenges that professional athletes face are similar to the ones amateurs and semi-pro athletes face when trying to maximize their performance. We felt the best way to achieve this was with interview testimonial questions urging the athletes to discuss successes with Muse. We would also intercut the videos with professional footage of their successes.

The aim was to present an honest story of professional athletes overcoming high-stakes challenges, and to feature Muse as a key element that helped with that task.

Once this was approved by the team, we began to set up pre-production knowing that the videos needed to be shot within the week. The athletes had extremely rushed schedules and while coordinating it became clear that their schedules only matched on a single day. Working out the pre-production, that meant we would be doing three separate shoots in one day. We set up a firm schedule with room for contingencies and delays and set off to shoot. With the help of InteraXon and gracious help of the athletes, the shoots went off without a hitch and we were able to shoot an additional bonus interview between InteraXon’s CEO and the athletes.

For post-production, we immediately put together 2 minute rough cuts of the best parts of the interviews. We passed the videos to InteraXon, who circled them around with marketing and the executives to get feedback. After three iterations we had a strong cut that also used highlights from the athletes’ professional careers. We finalized the videos with animations, music and footage from the athletes’ performances and produced the videos for the team. We also created a series of 30 second spots out of the videos for use in advertising placements.

Check out the longer videos below.

Results: Evergreen Video Content For Sports Marketing Campaigns

The videos were well-received by the business and shared on the company’s YouTube channel and in marketing campaigns. The videos are evergreen content that will be especially useful to the future sports and athletic clients that are becoming more and more interested in the Muse and other mindfulness and calming tools.

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Date Posted:
March 2016


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