Insightful produced and distributed a video case study for Igloo Software. Using social ads, the video campaign reached 100,000+ monthly video ad views across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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Results at a Glance

Igloo Software, developer of an intranet you’ll actually like, was interested in showcasing a recent success story with their client UserTesting. Working together with Insightful, we came up with the idea for a video case study that would demonstrate the positive impact a great intranet makes on company culture. The video was used as the centerpiece of a landing page that included a detailed written case study featuring interviews from the UserTesting team. Igloo was able to successfully leverage the video and case study across all stages of their lead funnel.


Monthly YouTube Video Ad Views 


Monthly Facebook and Instagram Video Ad Views


Monthly LinkedIn and Twitter Video Ad Views 

Challenge: Share a Customer Success Story

Igloo wanted to showcase a great implementation of their intranet with UserTesting, an up-and-coming user interface company in San Francisco. They wanted to distribute the video broadly to improve brand awareness, as well as share to decision makers to highlight the tangible effect Igloo had on one company’s work culture.

Approach: Produce and Distribute a Video Case Study

We first clearly defined the goals for the case study. Igloo was aiming to create a compelling story that would appeal to internal communications managers who wanted to improve their company culture.

The best way was to let Ben Russo, UserTesting’s head of company culture, anchor the video and tell his story of how Igloo’s intranet improved their culture.

The secondary goal of the project was to show how Igloo integrates with a variety of existing business applications. Finally, Igloo wanted a full landing page for the video as well as to distribute the video using paid YouTube and social media campaigns as well as and in email newsletters.

We wrote several beat sheets (summary of key talking points) before moving on to the script. The first beat sheet included key questions to ask Ben to get his honest answers. By reviewing the drafts with stakeholders from Igloo and UserTesting, we ensured everyone was on the same page and moved on to the script with talented film production team Story & Pixel

The production team revised the script and prepared a pre-visualization video to highlight the video’s proposed look, sound and feel. Both teams were sold on the pre-viz and we entered production.

The team visited the offices in Mountain View and developed a great relationship with the client. The shoot went smoothly and by using questions we were able to get genuine feeling in the video.

After the shoot, Story & Pixel quickly turned around a first cut, and it was very much in line with original expectations. They added extra visual animated tweaks that took the video to a whole new level, and it exceeded expectations in every way.

The video was accompanied by a written case study, and we helped distributed the video using social media campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. We worked with Igloo to target decision makers interested in company culture, employee engagement and intranets.

Results: 64,000 Monthly Video Ad Views on Social Media

The full length videos were shared on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The shorter video ad cuts were used in ads on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. All the videos pointed to the case study landing page.

We followed up the 3 minute cut which featured on the landing page with three shorter cuts that were more easily shared on social media. In addition, we subtitled the clips so they would would be effective on Facebook Video ads, where users would see the video while scrolling through their newsfeed and be attracted by the subtitles to click and hear the sound.

The campaigns were successful in view counts, clicks and social engagement. Leveraging YouTube targeted video ads, the campaign was shown 35,000 times a month, attracting a strong percentage of viewers who watched past the 5 second mark.

There were 53,000 monthly video ad views on Facebook and Instagram and 11,000 on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Check out the shorter cuts for social below.


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Published Date:
October 2016

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