Insightful helped Igloo launch paid social media campaigns across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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Results at a Glance

Igloo Software, developers of an intranet you’ll actually like, were looking to complement their existing content marketing lead generation efforts with paid social media marketing campaigns. Insightful launched social media advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and through iterative A/B testing, successfully generated a significant number of top-of-funnel and mid-funnel leads.


content download leads per quarter


% quarterly social engagement growth across FB, LI, TW, IG 


% quarterly growth in social clicks to website

Challenge: Attract Key Decision-Makers to Funnel

Igloo was successfully leveraging their content, which focused on employee engagement, intranet best-practices and intranet technology, to create leads through several channels. They were using email marketing, affiliate programs and influencer programs and turned to Insightful to test the waters of paid social media marketing. Their goal with social was to continue to get that useful content into the hands of key decision-makers and bring them into the top of the sales funnel.


Approach: Run Iterative Social Campaigns

We first needed to understand Igloo’s target audience for their content. Along with the Igloo team, we dove deep to determine their target audience based on past sales, marketing and account relationships. We also wanted to know what intranet features their audience would find most valuable. After deep research into the most popular features of the Igloo Intranet, we discovered a variety of key selling points for different audiences.

We decided to split out the audiences and focus on one first before proceeding to the next. We started by focusing on decision makers in marketing and HR who were interested in company culture – something that Igloo prides itself on improving for its customers.We used data analysis tools like Google Trends, Buzzsumo and HootSuite to gain information on our target audience, based on a list of job titles. We determined what subjects they were reading online, how long the posts and articles tended to be and when they were reading those posts.

We got off to a fast start with four proof-of-concept social ad campaigns using popular Igloo guides and e-books.

We targeted the audience using interests, job titles, seniority and company size. Some campaigns and content performed better than others, and we focused on the most successful content and campaigns. Specifically, we found the best results on LinkedIn using content about improving employee engagement and company culture.

Using the test campaigns as a base, we worked with the team to conceive, design and launch more ambitious social media campaigns with dozens of sets of creative and copy. The campaigns centered around improving company culture and employee engagement, and we generated calls-to-action around a key piece of Igloo content, the 32-page Guide to Intranet Engagement.

We ran iterative campaigns, monitoring and optimizing bids, ad copy and ad graphics every week to put more resources into the hits and abandon the less successful campaigns. Not only did we generate a constant flow of leads for the business, we also worked to improve lead attribution and collaboration with sales to understand which leads were turning to opportunities and which weren’t.

LinkedIn was by far the most effective network, but we also had success leveraging targeted Facebook Lead Ads to allow users to register for the content download without leaving Facebook – just two clicks and they were signed up.

On LinkedIn, we were able to focus on specific job titles and company size and saw 50% of our leads coming from Igloo’s most important demographics in terms of job title, seniority, company size and location.

Results: 103% Quarterly Growth in Clicks to Website

The social media program has been very successful for Igloo’s lead generation efforts and has also had a positive effect on brand awareness, thought leadership and user engagement. The programs generated 773 content download leads per quarter across LinkedIn and Facebook. There was 75% quarterly social engagement growth across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, in addition to follower growth of over 10% per month, with a highlight of 20% per month on Facebook.

Finally, there was a 103% growth over the quarter in clicks to the website from the various social campaigns.

In terms of brand awareness, Igloo has positioned itself as a company firmly focused on improving company culture and employee engagement and is building a loyal community among HR, Marketing, Community Managers and more around the world.

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November 2016

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