Content isn't just a job for us. In our downtime, we host a community of local filmmakers, comedians and actors in the Insightful space. Together, we experiment with new ways to write, produce and distribute.

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Almost Trying Super Hard is a web video production outfit dedicated to helping local artists develop their voice and learn to distribute their content.. Our goal is to help artists, produce fun content and experiment with emerging distribution channels. Also, to laugh.


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Challenge: Build a Web Video Community

The goal was to create engaging content in a highly competitive space – web videos. We knew we would have to experiment with a variety of formats, resources and processes to achieve success. Our secondary goals were to improve our abilities with YouTube targeted advertising, and to dive deeply into YouTube analytics to better predict audience retention, view attribution and demographics. Our third priority was to give the local talent community a chance to experiment with writing, filmmaking, editing and distribution.

Approach: Weekly Writer’s Room and Video Production

Almost Trying Super Hard started by defining an audience of comedy enthusiasts, movie fans and amateur filmmakers. We have a group of creators who have specialties in various areas and targeting this audience allows us to create content we would want to see.

We implemented a writer’s room where we wrote, shared and planned each episode. We leverage standard writing room processes to brainstorm a series of ideas before working together to find the one that best resonates.

We research competitors’ videos using tools like Buzzsumo, Google Trends, YouTube search and Facebook search, enabling us to understand current trends and inform our creative process.

We typically go through a few revisions to end up with a finished script and a champion for this particular skit.

After writing is done, we enter pre-production for the skit during the week. We then shoot the programs on Friday. We shoot several at a time and release them steadily during the week. We are in the experimentation stage, so a steady stream of content allows us to find which of the videos resonate best.

We do post-production during the week, editing, adding effects and music and release them before the next Friday.

Check out Slices of Life, a collection of moments from Almost Trying Super Hard.

Once the videos are launched, we distribute them using paid Facebook and YouTube ads, as well as posting organically on our own channels.

We also leverage other channels, such as Vimeo, Tumblr, Periscope, Twitter and Instagram to get the word out.  Hashtag strategy is an important source of views.


We’ve set up a home page at to allow fans to follow us or engage with multiple pieces of content at once.

Results: Artsfund Grant Recipient and Film Festival Screening

Almost Trying Super Hard has completed Phase 1 of content production, where the focus was on original content and skits. ATSH is now in phase 2, focusing on connecting with movie fans through trailer reactions, box office analysis, video essays and short sketches.

Take a look at gift, a short scene about some gifting gone wrong.

The project was awarded the Artsfund grant by the region of Kitchener/Waterloo, and the pilot episode, The George Advantage, was screened in a Kitchener-Waterloo film festival. Here’s a short documentary about the founding of the 12 Angry Filmmakers, a film collective in Kitchener-Waterloo.

We’re now working on our next phase of production, so stay tuned by following our YouTube channel.

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December 2016

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