Insightful produced video content to help A Mindful Society convey the significant knowledge being shared at their conference.

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Results at a Glance

A Mindful Society, an organization that educates leaders on how to promote mindfulness practices within their organizations, worked with Insightful to produce a mini-documentary, trailer and a series of speaker videos for its inaugural conference. The videos were well received and used on the official website to promote subsequent events. They were also widely shared by influential members of the organization and conference attendees, helping to promote and sell out future events.

Challenge: Attract Future Visitors with Conference Video

A Mindful Society was looking to capture the spirit of their 3-day event and share it with prospective future guests. The challenge was the dynamic nature of the event – there were speaker sessions, practical yoga and meditation sessions and musical and entertainment presentations. Founder Michael Apollo also wanted to highlight the story behind the event, explaining the intention and challenges of the conference.

Approach: Produce Multiple Pieces Of Content

In pre-production, we first defined the goals of the video content and found two key, separate goals. The first goal was to have compelling short content to be shared on social media to future prospective guests. The second goal was to have longform speaker content that could be set up in an online video library as a resource for those interested in learning about integrating mindfulness into organizations. That would be directed at a target audience of professionals in various areas including education, government and healthcare.

Eventually, the plan was to share the video on the email newsletter thanking guests, as well as on social media by various members and attendees to the conference.

We agreed on a plan to shoot a feature mini-documentary that would capture the feel of the many highlights of the conference.

The video would include an interview with founder Michael Apollo, interspersed with highlights from the speakers, yoga and meditation sessions, practical workshops and candid shots from conversations around the event.

We shot the event over the weekend with a tight schedule. We captured the moments we had planned on as well as a number of impromptu moments during the show. The varied, contemplative nature of the event came through in our footage.

We accelerated post-production in order to get a video out to the audience and keep the momentum rolling. We produced the full length 10 minute mini-documentary and shared it with A Mindful Society, who received it extremely positively.

We then worked with A Mindful Society to create a shorter, 2 minute trailer out of those moments that could be shared on social media and with attendees.

Simultaneously, we started producing the speaker sessions and those were posted to the website. A few months out from the conference, the website had a wealth of interesting video content that laid the groundwork for the emerging A Mindful Society brand.

Watch the 2017 educational trailer for A Mindful Society below.

Results: A Trailer, Mini-Documentary and Speaker Series

The trailer was very well received and contributed to the future success of the conference. The mini-documentary was shown at the beginning of the next A Mindful Society conference to help set the authentic, contemplative intention for the conference.

“We needed dynamic storytellers to convey our event, which combines practical hands-on training with a variety of compelling and entertaining speaker sessions. Despite the challenges, Insightful took everything on their shoulders and presented us with a documentary trailer that blew us away.”

Michael Apollo – Founder, A Mindful Society

Watch Dr. Zindel Segal’s fascinating presentation, Inner Resources for Mindful Living, below.

Watch the short documentary of the inaugural A Mindful Society conference here.

Watch more of the A Mindful Society video sessions on their video page, which includes clips from follow up leadership events that they’ve held as they expand into new territory.

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Date Published:
March 2016


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