December 14, 2016 Neil Vidyarthi

How B2B Businesses Should Analyze their LinkedIn Campaigns

Running a LinkedIn campaign isn’t hard – using the self-serve option you can get up and running in just 10 steps. Once your campaigns are launched, you need to assess what’s working and what isn’t so you can double down on the winners and cut the rest.

We take an in-depth look at how to read your Linkedin dashboard and how to gauge your B2B LinkedIn campaigns below.

The LinkedIn Dashboard

Let’s take a look at the LinkedIn ads dashboard and break down what to look for. Once you’ve got your campaigns up and running, you’ll head into the LinkedIn ads dashboard, which will look like our sample below.

Let’s define each of the elements in turn.


The ad’s copy and creative elements.


The green switch marks whether the ad is currently running or not. Green is on, grey is off.


Number of LinkedIn users that saw the ad. For Sponsored Updates, they will see the ad natively in their news feed, like the “LinkedIn Marketing Solutions” example below.


Note that the impressions include both mobile and desktop, but LinkedIn is starting to see more mobile impressions than desktop impressions as the LinkedIn app gains popularity.


How many people clicked on the ad, specifically on the logo, the company name, the ad title, image or link. This is what you pay for in a cost-per-click (CPC) based campaign.

Avg. CTR

The percentage of Clicks per Impression.

Total Social Actions

Total number of likes, shares and comments for the ad. These do not count as Clicks, which you pay for in a CPC campaign. Some posts may be more for brand awareness, and in that case social actions are more important than clicks.

Total Eng.

Engagements are the Clicks + Social Actions combined. Useful as an overall guide of how well people are reacting to the ad.

Avg. Eng.

Percentage of Total Engagements per Impression.

Avg. CPC

The cost per click. These values will range depending on the bids you entered for the campaign budget. They are affected by your bid and relevance score.

If you’re interested, here’s an in depth look at how the LinkedIn ad auction works to better understand CPC, bid and relevance scores.

Avg. CPM

The cost per thousand impressions. This also varies based on bid and your relevance score.

Total Spent

The total amount spent on this ad in this campaign.


Analyzing B2B LinkedIn Campaigns

Now that you’ve got the basics, you have to examine your campaign’s numbers to see if it’s performing the way you want it to.

B2B Lead Generation

One of the most common type of LinkedIn B2B lead generation campaign is using Sponsored Updates to promote downloads of your useful, longform content like eBooks or video series. The goal here is to target high seniority decision makers and offer them tools to help them succeed at their job and improve their business.

When analyzing these campaigns, it can be tempting to look at the hundreds of thousands of impressions, but what really counts here is the CTR. Use LinkedIn’s sort ability to sort by CTR and check the impressions. Sometimes you’ll have a high CTR on an ad that was only shown a few thousand times, but for some reason LinkedIn’s algorithm is now blocking it. You’ll have to ignore those as possibly unreliable data. Impressions are delivered based on LinkedIn’s algorithm that looks at your relevancy score and bid, so some ads just don’t get shown for reasons only the algorithm knows.

When you’ve filtered out the low-shows, you ideally have the top 4 or 5 ads that have at least a few thousand impressions. How is the CTR? It ranges wildly from campaign to campaign, but if you’ve got ads that are over the LinkedIn average of 0.3%, you’re good. That number may seem low compared to something like Search, but remember that LinkedIn provides extremely targeted traffic.

As always, take those best forming ads and iterate a series of similarly themed ads. Pause the ads that aren’t running well and see what works best.

B2B Brand Awareness

If you’re running a B2B brand awareness campaign, your goal is to get as many people in your target audience to see and enjoy your ad. Your categories are impressions and social actions. You may want to consider trying a CPM campaign instead of a CPC campaign. You may also be interested in trying LinkedIn Text Ads, which can deliver a ton of impressions at a reasonable cost.

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Neil Vidyarthi Neil is the Co-founder and Content Distribution Strategist at Insightful. He believes that inspiring storytelling is crucial to a healthy business and culture. When not spending time with his family, he enjoys film, novels and Japanese culture.

Neil is the Co-founder and Content Distribution Strategist at Insightful. He believes that inspiring storytelling is crucial to a healthy business and culture. When not spending time with his family, he enjoys film, novels and Japanese culture.

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