January 31, 2017 Neil Vidyarthi

4 Ways to Use Video for B2B Marketing

In B2B, too many businesses target the decision maker with a glorified cold call and spend more time talking than listening. But SiriusDecisions has shown that 67 percent of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally — the implication being that customers are researching your business before they engage with sales at all.

So how do you attract your customers? Do the research, understand your target audience and try to solve their problems. This is where longform content does a great job. Guides and e-books that contain original research and data have been proven to be effective.

Beyond longform written content, today’s opportunity is long form educational video. A video is a great “lean back” way to connect with our desired information. According to Hubspot, 75% of business executives watch a work-related video at least weekly. Imagine a prospective client watching a video of yours while they eat their lunch at their desk.

We’ve put together a few ways to use video to connect with potential B2B customers below.

Video Education Series

Set a meeting with your best marketing and sales thinkers and ask them about their research on your customers’ problems. Collect those notes and produce a series of talking head videos solving each problem.

You have a few choices on how to distribute it. You can make the first video public and run a marketing campaign, then lock the other videos behind an email gate to have prospects enter their information. This is a great way to build a network and email list of people who may be interested in your services now or later. You also have the option to just give it all away for free and build a relationship that way.

For a great example of a video education series, check out Wistia’s free, awesome video portal below.

If you have a lot of videos but don’t have the resources to put together a portal or hub page yourself, you should try Vidyard’s Hubs service, which give you plenty of options on how to showcase your content. Vidyard also has a great collection of player tools that you can use to improve conversion, such as email gates and A/B testing.

Check out their promo video below featuring their mascot, ‘sideburns guy’:

In terms of the content itself, here are a few examples of B2B video content you can share on the portal.

  • A 4 week educational course, with two videos per week, with a small certification at the end.
  • A series of 10 videos along with a LinkedIn group for discussion.
  • A video series of guest lecturers or contributors that are experts in the space.

Video Case Studies

Let’s say your company offers a tool that improves company culture, and your target customers are always looking for tips on how to do just that. Of course, go ahead and write the longform content, but why not also craft a video story that really shows them what life could be like if they found the right solution?

This is what we did with our client Igloo Software.

As you can see in the video, we interviewed the decision makers themselves, as we felt that approach would be the most relatable to the target audience (in this case, internal comms managers).

One storytelling tip we recommend is to focus on an engaging story first, and feature your product or service as a supporting actor. We focused the Igloo video on Ben, the Ambassador of Culture, and how Igloo was part of the many things they do to keep things exciting and cool at his business. Check out the entire Igloo Software case study here.

Industry News

If you’re in an industry where the news moves fast, like say, content marketing, why not put together a Friday roundup of industry news. Find a salesperson or account manager at your business who wants to be the host, and give them a new tool to help prove their expertise to clients.

This can be a good source of traffic as timely news always gets more shares on social media. It’s more of a top of the funnel play, but it will give potential customers a sense of the personalities and culture of your company, which is an essential part of making the deal.

You also prove that you are thought leaders, so they can rest easy that they are using the latest developments in your service area.

Live Presentations

If your CEO gives presentations, find the video and clip together the best moments into a short cut that can be shared on social. Use your culture to style the video as humorous, educational, helpful or cutting edge. Think about how a video like this could be shared at by an account stakeholder at their team meeting to inspire everyone about working with your company.

These are just a few options for leveraging video for B2B. Get started and let us know how it goes for you!

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Neil Vidyarthi Neil is the Co-founder and Content Distribution Strategist at Insightful. He believes that inspiring storytelling is crucial to a healthy business and culture. When not spending time with his family, he enjoys film, novels and Japanese culture.

Neil is the Co-founder and Content Distribution Strategist at Insightful. He believes that inspiring storytelling is crucial to a healthy business and culture. When not spending time with his family, he enjoys film, novels and Japanese culture.

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